Christmas planning

In my husband’s family they do 3 presents per person for Christmas – a £5, a £10 and then a big present. It was started when my hubby started uni, and has continued ever since. It’s great. We get imaginative and interesting presents for each other, without completely destroying the bank balance. As such I’ve also started doing something similar with my close family too. I hate the commercialism of chrismas where you get a box with not a lot inside. On such a small scale budget wise as well you really have to be imaginative. Therefore we have 2 plans, make as much as we can, and scour vintage, antique fairs, charity shops and any other odd place we can think of for unusual but appropriate gifts.

Whenever I start planning presents I do two things – 1 look through my secret pinterest board that I pin anything that I think will make a good present throughout the year. I also go through my craft magazines from the year, and my note book where I scribble ideas down.


After last christmas I decided to try and learn how to crochet. Within the year I have learnt to chain, single crochet and double crochet. Not exactly going to make it as master of the year! My issue is I just can’t focus on any one craft for long, I currently have 2 jumpers and a cushion in the process of being knitted, a tapestry on the go, plus a desk full of partially started christmas presents, and a huge wicker basket hiding all the other projects/fabric stash. I think my husband does genuinely dispair of me! Therefore my presents this year need to be quick to make (preferbly within 3/4 baby nap times) or late in the evenings after my marking is done!


So notepad is out at the ready, and planning is underway… what crafts will this year bring?!


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