Crochet Cowls Christmas Combo!

Ok, so the first presents of the year fit every criteria I had:

1. I can make them for under £5 – the present I find the hardest to do!

2. It uses my new (unaccomplished) crocheting skills

3. The tutorial says it takes an hour (it actually took me about 3 each, but I did have to undo mistakes etc – I’m really not great.)

The tutorial for these cowls came from pinterest and a blog by Fynes Designs. It was very simple to follow (thank you!) and very easy to make. It was really satisfying to see the present grow so quickly (as opposed to my current knitting projects!)

I decided to just join them rather than try and sew on buttons too, but I do think her button idea is a great one too. I made one for my sister, and one for my sister-in-law. I don’t know why I keep making them both so similar presents – I think it’s just because they both like similar comforts! 🙂

Here are my attemps – I’m rather chuffed with them 😀

Ben's Iphone 123


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