Finishing the Monopoly set

So it’s taken me rather a long time to come back and do this – sorry! My little bubba and work just take up so much time!


Anyway, I framed the monopoly board in a square frame with a plastic rather than glass frontage. This has meant we could play the game in the frame without horrible die on glass clunking noise.

Next came the rest of the set. I made monopoly cards on word creating a grid template and using colour blocks. I downloaded Harry Potter fonts I found from a link on pinterest to write these in. I changed the denominations to galleons, but kept the amounts the same (except for one error on the Chamber of Secrets, which my sister is so in love with we have left as a ‘deliberate’ error! Apparently you should be charged more there!) The money I googled for the original templates, and then replace the two usual images with a broomstick and a wizard hat. That took some time to get right, and then to print and cut them all out! Finally I made ‘Daily Prophet’ cards instead of Community Chest, and ‘The Quibbler’ instead of Chance. I re-wrote the messages into things that would be wizard like, so instead of hospital fees she had St Mungo fees, Broom stick repairs etc! That was quite a bit of fun. If you would like my word documents for the property cards, money etc do message me with an e-mail address, I will happily share, however, I do not hold any copyrights, this is purely for personal/family purposes and not for profit etc. I don’t want to start getting into trouble with Warner Bros, J.K. Rowling or Hasbro – I like them all to much!

20131120_093709 20131120_093503 20131120_093511 20131120_093517 20131120_093524 20131120_093626 20131120_093633 20131120_093657

To keep all the cards safe I found a copy of Prisoner of Azkaban that was falling apart in a charity shop. I ripped out pages (I know, I know, it felt very strange to start with!) and made wonky envelopes for the cards to go in. I also made a sleeve to hold the money together.


I tried to make playing pieces and houses out of clay, but hit several problems. The first is my inability to model well, the second was the fact that things kept falling apart, the third was time – I still had about 15 presents to make and was sat getting frustrated at a monopoly set! So I cheated at this point. Out of an old incomplete set I had picked up at a bootfair for crafting purposes I took the playing pieces, die, and houses/hotels. I did get a nice organza bag to put them in (saved from a present I’d been given earlier in the year – my thriftyness knows no bounds!)


Finally I needed to think of a way to present this all together, as obviously the board in a frame was not going to fit in a box etc, but all the rest needed to be kept nicely together. Whilst meandering around hobbycraft with bubba (the bright colours kept her amused and gave me a little mental stimulation break whilst on maternity leave!) I saw they had cardboard forms that you could decoupage, one of which was in the shape of an old fashioned hard back book (with the ridges on the spine etc). It was perfect. I bought it and spent the next few nap times happily modge podging more of the Prisoner of Azkaban book pages on to it, saving the title page for the front, and chapter headings for key places around it. I covered all the outside and inside, let it dry and then voila I had a great way to give my sister her present. To hold the book shut I raided my hoarding box again and found the left over of a thin leather strap from a present made earlier in the year. I wound it round and sat back and smiled. Present made! 🙂


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