Kimono from a scarf

I am an avid follower of pinterest… it is just the best! Anyway, I was looking for another present for my sister, this time for her forthcoming birthday. As it is the six week holidays I wanted to make her something, but also have half a mind on Christmas as well (I know it’s 4 months away, but being a musician/teacher December is just crazy with concerts so might as well write that off from the outset!)


Anyway, whilst browsing I saw this fabulous tutorial on how to create a kimono from a scarf on a site called House of Earnest. The link to the tutorial is here:


I am a real lover of upcycling, so then came the hunt for a scarf. My sister loves the colour blue, but also wears a lot of brown and beiges. Her birthday being September I thought sticking to her favourite autumnal colours could be good. Whilst meandering around Chelmsford with my Mum for a day I found a gorgeous, wool content scarf in a charity shop. Bonus! It’s cheap enough that if I muck it up I won’t be worried, and gives some good to someone else as well as fitting with my upcycling theme.


I followed the tutorial and found it so very easy to follow. My only disappointment with it, is because of the lightweight nature of the fabric the neck line droops a little. I do think, however, that my sister in law would like one of these too, so I’m going to make another (I already have a light blue pashmina ready for the project) for her birthday in January. I might have a look for a pattern from one of my many dress making books (if only I had the confidence to have a go at all the pretty clothes!) to get a better neck line rather than my slightly dodgy drafting. If you have a go do share your pictures in the comments section, I love seeing variations of simple projects.

Finally big thank you to House of Earnest for such a great (and easy to follow) to tutorial!

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